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The Snuneymuxw community

The Snuneymuxw community is again learning the teachings of the Elders as they share their culture and discuss bringing home the objects of their ancestors.

The Snuneymuxw are proud to be unique.

They can look to the accomplishments of the teachers, writers, scholars, parents, athletes and artists in their Community Stories. Those who hold the traditional knowledge…

This land

- the river, the estuary, the harbour, the islands and the ocean - is the basis of their traditions and the source of the inspiration…

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The Environment

The Snuneymuxw have used their knowledge of the rivers, the estuary, the ocean and the forests to support and nurture…

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Community Today

Today, the Snuneymuxw community remembers and learns from the Elders and takes pride in the skills of their people, who…

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Elders’ Knowledge

Each of the objects in this collection has a place in the oral history and culture of the Snuneymuxw. The…

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