Prescribed Learning Outcomes

British Columbia Grade 5 and 10 students and their teachers are one of the identified audiences for the Voices of Snuneymuxw virtual museum. Although these pages are targeted at this group, the material can also be used and adapted by other teachers, educators and students. It is our hope that the pages of this virtual museum will provide a learning opportunity for anyone interested in the culture of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

Prescribed learning outcomes from the British Columbia curriculum for grades 5 and 10 that complement this virtual museum are listed below. Where there is no direct link between the curriculum and this site, there is suitable material to initiate discussion of issues and concepts raised in the learning outcomes.

Science, Grade 5
Students will analyse how the Aboriginal concept of interconnectedness of the environment is reflected in responsibility for and care-taking of resources.

Social Studies, Grade 5
Students will demonstrate awareness of the history of Aboriginal people’s rights.

Social Studies, 10
Skills and Processes of Social Studies
Students will demonstrate effective research skills, including accessing information.

Identity, Society, and Culture: Canada from 1815-1914
Students will evaluate the impact of interactions between Aboriginal peoples and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815-1914.